Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fantastic Friday

It was another good Friday yesterday!  =)  I lost another pound!  That means one more pound and I'll share with everyone my numbers and put up some pics!  39lbs and counting!

I need to confess that my last two weeks have been soooooo busy that I haven't had time to workout.  I have wanted to, but it just hasn't been possible.  Today I was finally able to workout again!!  Felt sooo good!  I'm so glad that things are now calmed down again so that I can get back to exercising regularly.  I feel so much better when I am exercising.

Kickin Kefir Smoothie (Vanilla dream)- S
Leftover Lasagna (made with dreamfields)  and side salad-S
Pizza and wings.  I will make boneless wings for myself though.  S
Brownies with fresh sliced strawberries and stevia sweetened homemade whipped cream. S

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!  =)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fantastic Friday

I missed my last two Fridays.  Thank goodness basketball season is over so I should have a more "normal," less busy life now!!  =)

The Friday before last I went up a pound.

Last Friday, however, I went down 3 pounds.  =) 

Two more pounds and I will give away my numbers!!

I'm thrilled with my new lifestyle!  =)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fantastic Friday!

Again, I  know I'm really late in posting this. 

Last Friday's fantastic Friday was another pound GONE!!  Putting my total at 35lbs!  =)  I have a  number in my head (I'm 5 lbs from reaching it) and when I reach it I'm going to post my numbers!  I haven't had the guts to do that yet!!  But, I'm feeling more and more confident now.  I am NOT that person anymore.  I will NOT go back!  I KNOW it!! 

I celebrated this lovely Friday with a new hair cut, new clothes, and a new purse!  =)  Clothes shopping was my favorite!  I finally decided I needed to go get some new (smaller) clothes.  Honestly, I had been putting it off for fear that I would still be too big for the smaller size.  Well, I picked up the next size down from what I had been wearing.  And right behind that size was the next size down.  I decided to pick that size up, too!  Not sure why, just felt the need to try!  I thought it would give me an idea of how much further I needed to go before I could fit into them.

So, I took my items into the dressing room.  I decided to try on the smallest size first.  Just to get it out of the way.  I told myself as I was putting them on, "Now don't be upset, you know they aren't going to fit, and that's ok!"  Well, I put them on, and they came all the way up with no problem.  WHOA!!  Next, I go to button them, and they buttoned right up without a problem.  SO SHOCKED!!!  I'm still amazed as I type this almost a week later that I'm wearing this size!  It's been 10 years since I have worn this size!!  I LOVE it!!  I am re-motivated ALL over again!!! 

Thank you AGAIN Pearl & Serene for writing this book!!  I love you so much for it!!

Fuel Cycle Day 7

So I'm totally LATE in posting this I know!! 

My last day of the fuel cycle.  I decided not to do the second week, due to a lot of traveling we were going to have to be doing.  I just thought it would be easier to free style.  And since I lost 4 lbs, I feel very sucessful for this one week.  I think I will do a fuel cyle for a week every couple of months.  It was much easier than I had anticipated. 

So for my last day I enjoyed more pancakes for breakfast, and leftover lighter side of chili for lunch.  I had a pudding for snack.  And for dinner I had an S meal!!  =)  I couldn't wait anymore!!  I had some scrambled eggs and bacon for dinner!!  It was quite tasty!