Friday, January 17, 2014

Hello, hello!!

I DID do that workout yesterday!!  And I am most definitely feeling it today!!  Whew!!  My thighs and rear hurt so bad, just sitting is a chore.

My dinner last night was off plan.  They served us nachos for dinner at our training.  So I ate dinner last night, and I started fresh this morning.  Feeling okay about that!  

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with 1 T mozzarella cheese and 1 T cottage cheese added in. (S)
 Snack: 1 Rye Wasa cracker with a L.C. cheese wedge spread on, and 2 slices of cheddar cheese (S)
Lunch: Joseph's Pitas pizza and a salad (S)
Snack: Frozen strawberries, thawed a little, with Truvia & Redi whip on top. (FP)
Dinner: Tacos or taco salad (S)
Dessert: Trim Healthy Cheesecake

A Yummy day for sure!!  :)

I will be doing an upper body and ab workout today!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Starting Over!

Wow!!  It's been almost a year since I last posted on here!!  I am a failure for a blogger!  =P

A quick update!  Back in August I had reached my lowest weight of 163-165…60 LBS GONE!!  Then we moved…and we got some more foster kiddos…we're up to 10 boys now…and I slowly went off plan a little here and a little there…and before I knew it, it was Christmas and I had gained some weight back.  I then figured I would just keep eating badly until after the holidays and then get back on track.  Now, here I am about 5 months after moving and almost 20 lbs heavier again!!  :/  So I'm basically starting over...after I SWORE I would never gain the weight back!

I have to admit, when I originally started back in October 2012 I went full swing.  I don't really remember having a hard time at all, I just did it.  I remember having cravings and I just filled them with THM treats, but this time is different.  I am struggling something fierce to stay on plan and fight these cravings.  I'm not sure what has changed or what's different, but it feels like a bigger battle this time.

That's what brings me here!  I thought maybe if I put it out there, you all will help me kick this…AGAIN!…and stay on track until these cravings are gone!  I'm going to do better about updating my progress and meals, and maybe, just maybe I'll be back in the 160's again!!

Here's my meal plan for the day:
Breakfast: Coconut pancakes, with some blueberry & strawberry jelly on top (xylitol sweetened that I bought at the health food store) (S)
Lunch: Loaded Fotato soup & a salad  (S)
Dinner: Not sure what dinner will be.  We have a training class we have to go to tonight and they are serving us dinner.  So there is a possibility I won't be on plan for dinner.
Snacks: Cottage berry whip (FP), & cucumber sandwiches (S) (I like them with cheese!)

Workout: I will try my BEST to get a workout in today.  If I'm being honest right now…the thought of working out sounds like torture!  But I know it will make me feel better.  So when the babies go down for a nap I will try and pop in a workout DVD…even if it's a very short one.  =)

Have a blessed day, folks!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Before and Now pics

Here are some before and now pics!  I'm still pretty nervous about putting up the before pics.  I've never really shared pics before, because I was always just way to embarrased.  Most of the before pics are far and few between anyway, because I would go way out of my way to avoid the camera.  So they aren't too great. 

I have a paper around here somewhere with my measurements on it, but it's temporarily lost at the moment.  So I can't give you my exact measurements just yet.  I can tell you though...Are you ready...?  ...I hope I am...!  My sizes and weights...

Started October 19, 2012 at a size 16-18 and 225 pounds!!!!  :/

Today March 23, 2013 I am wearing a size 12, and weighed in this morning at 182.2!!!  Almost 43 pounds!!!! 

Ok, now here are a few pics.  I wish I were computer savvy enough to do those side by side pics, but I honestly have no clue how to do them.

 This picture here was taken 7 months ago on my 32nd bday. 

 This is me and my loving, adoring, & supportive husband.  Sorry it's not a very good pic., but it was taken about a week before I started THM.
 Here is another one that was taken about a week beofre starting THM.  We were at The Great Wolf Lodge; hence the ears!! 
 This one and the one below were taken on Thursday =)
There you go!!  The good, the BAD, and the UGLY!!!
I have to admit though, that while I know I have lost 42lbs, and the scale says I've lost, and my smaller sizes say I've lost, and I see the difference in my before and now pics...I am still struggling a bit.  I feel like I still see the same fat, ugly, monster when I look in the mirror.  It's like my brain still sees me the same as before, even though I know I AM changing and AM different.  Hopefully my brain will adjust soon!  =P

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fantastic Friday!!

Well folks, I've DONE it!  I've reached 40 pounds LOST FOREVER!!  I'm so excited!!  Plus, that means I will actually list my numbers...out loud...publicly...for all the world to know!  Eeek!!  I still get butterflies thinking about that...

It is so invigorating to announce that I have lost 40 pounds.  But, I must say... that while I have obviously been trying to lose weight...I have not tried to lose it this quickly!  I'm NOT complaining at all, but I honestly didn't expect to lose this much this quickly.  I started Oct 19, so that's about 4 & 1/2 months on THM following just S and E, and even going on an ALL out cheat for 2-3 days on Thanksgiving and 4 days at Christmas, and even a cheat meal here and there since Christmas.  I say this because we are ALL different, and I don't want someone who reads my blog to get their hopes up and expect to lose so much so fast.  God made us each differently, so we all gain it and lose it differently.  Don't give up!  THM WORKS! 

With that said, I do feel like my weight loss is slowing down.  I stayed the same last week and this week (I just never had time to post last week), and I'm definitely OK with that!  I'm hoping to lose at least 4-5 pounds a month now.  But I'll be happy even if it's just 1 pound!  I still have about 50-60 pounds left to lose.  Almost half way there!!!!!  =)

So stay tuned!  My numbers and pictures will be up soon!!  Have a blessed weekend! 

Much Love

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fantastic Friday

It was another good Friday yesterday!  =)  I lost another pound!  That means one more pound and I'll share with everyone my numbers and put up some pics!  39lbs and counting!

I need to confess that my last two weeks have been soooooo busy that I haven't had time to workout.  I have wanted to, but it just hasn't been possible.  Today I was finally able to workout again!!  Felt sooo good!  I'm so glad that things are now calmed down again so that I can get back to exercising regularly.  I feel so much better when I am exercising.

Kickin Kefir Smoothie (Vanilla dream)- S
Leftover Lasagna (made with dreamfields)  and side salad-S
Pizza and wings.  I will make boneless wings for myself though.  S
Brownies with fresh sliced strawberries and stevia sweetened homemade whipped cream. S

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!  =)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fantastic Friday

I missed my last two Fridays.  Thank goodness basketball season is over so I should have a more "normal," less busy life now!!  =)

The Friday before last I went up a pound.

Last Friday, however, I went down 3 pounds.  =) 

Two more pounds and I will give away my numbers!!

I'm thrilled with my new lifestyle!  =)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fantastic Friday!

Again, I  know I'm really late in posting this. 

Last Friday's fantastic Friday was another pound GONE!!  Putting my total at 35lbs!  =)  I have a  number in my head (I'm 5 lbs from reaching it) and when I reach it I'm going to post my numbers!  I haven't had the guts to do that yet!!  But, I'm feeling more and more confident now.  I am NOT that person anymore.  I will NOT go back!  I KNOW it!! 

I celebrated this lovely Friday with a new hair cut, new clothes, and a new purse!  =)  Clothes shopping was my favorite!  I finally decided I needed to go get some new (smaller) clothes.  Honestly, I had been putting it off for fear that I would still be too big for the smaller size.  Well, I picked up the next size down from what I had been wearing.  And right behind that size was the next size down.  I decided to pick that size up, too!  Not sure why, just felt the need to try!  I thought it would give me an idea of how much further I needed to go before I could fit into them.

So, I took my items into the dressing room.  I decided to try on the smallest size first.  Just to get it out of the way.  I told myself as I was putting them on, "Now don't be upset, you know they aren't going to fit, and that's ok!"  Well, I put them on, and they came all the way up with no problem.  WHOA!!  Next, I go to button them, and they buttoned right up without a problem.  SO SHOCKED!!!  I'm still amazed as I type this almost a week later that I'm wearing this size!  It's been 10 years since I have worn this size!!  I LOVE it!!  I am re-motivated ALL over again!!! 

Thank you AGAIN Pearl & Serene for writing this book!!  I love you so much for it!!