Friday, January 17, 2014

Hello, hello!!

I DID do that workout yesterday!!  And I am most definitely feeling it today!!  Whew!!  My thighs and rear hurt so bad, just sitting is a chore.

My dinner last night was off plan.  They served us nachos for dinner at our training.  So I ate dinner last night, and I started fresh this morning.  Feeling okay about that!  

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with 1 T mozzarella cheese and 1 T cottage cheese added in. (S)
 Snack: 1 Rye Wasa cracker with a L.C. cheese wedge spread on, and 2 slices of cheddar cheese (S)
Lunch: Joseph's Pitas pizza and a salad (S)
Snack: Frozen strawberries, thawed a little, with Truvia & Redi whip on top. (FP)
Dinner: Tacos or taco salad (S)
Dessert: Trim Healthy Cheesecake

A Yummy day for sure!!  :)

I will be doing an upper body and ab workout today!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Starting Over!

Wow!!  It's been almost a year since I last posted on here!!  I am a failure for a blogger!  =P

A quick update!  Back in August I had reached my lowest weight of 163-165…60 LBS GONE!!  Then we moved…and we got some more foster kiddos…we're up to 10 boys now…and I slowly went off plan a little here and a little there…and before I knew it, it was Christmas and I had gained some weight back.  I then figured I would just keep eating badly until after the holidays and then get back on track.  Now, here I am about 5 months after moving and almost 20 lbs heavier again!!  :/  So I'm basically starting over...after I SWORE I would never gain the weight back!

I have to admit, when I originally started back in October 2012 I went full swing.  I don't really remember having a hard time at all, I just did it.  I remember having cravings and I just filled them with THM treats, but this time is different.  I am struggling something fierce to stay on plan and fight these cravings.  I'm not sure what has changed or what's different, but it feels like a bigger battle this time.

That's what brings me here!  I thought maybe if I put it out there, you all will help me kick this…AGAIN!…and stay on track until these cravings are gone!  I'm going to do better about updating my progress and meals, and maybe, just maybe I'll be back in the 160's again!!

Here's my meal plan for the day:
Breakfast: Coconut pancakes, with some blueberry & strawberry jelly on top (xylitol sweetened that I bought at the health food store) (S)
Lunch: Loaded Fotato soup & a salad  (S)
Dinner: Not sure what dinner will be.  We have a training class we have to go to tonight and they are serving us dinner.  So there is a possibility I won't be on plan for dinner.
Snacks: Cottage berry whip (FP), & cucumber sandwiches (S) (I like them with cheese!)

Workout: I will try my BEST to get a workout in today.  If I'm being honest right now…the thought of working out sounds like torture!  But I know it will make me feel better.  So when the babies go down for a nap I will try and pop in a workout DVD…even if it's a very short one.  =)

Have a blessed day, folks!