Saturday, March 23, 2013

Before and Now pics

Here are some before and now pics!  I'm still pretty nervous about putting up the before pics.  I've never really shared pics before, because I was always just way to embarrased.  Most of the before pics are far and few between anyway, because I would go way out of my way to avoid the camera.  So they aren't too great. 

I have a paper around here somewhere with my measurements on it, but it's temporarily lost at the moment.  So I can't give you my exact measurements just yet.  I can tell you though...Are you ready...?  ...I hope I am...!  My sizes and weights...

Started October 19, 2012 at a size 16-18 and 225 pounds!!!!  :/

Today March 23, 2013 I am wearing a size 12, and weighed in this morning at 182.2!!!  Almost 43 pounds!!!! 

Ok, now here are a few pics.  I wish I were computer savvy enough to do those side by side pics, but I honestly have no clue how to do them.

 This picture here was taken 7 months ago on my 32nd bday. 

 This is me and my loving, adoring, & supportive husband.  Sorry it's not a very good pic., but it was taken about a week before I started THM.
 Here is another one that was taken about a week beofre starting THM.  We were at The Great Wolf Lodge; hence the ears!! 
 This one and the one below were taken on Thursday =)
There you go!!  The good, the BAD, and the UGLY!!!
I have to admit though, that while I know I have lost 42lbs, and the scale says I've lost, and my smaller sizes say I've lost, and I see the difference in my before and now pics...I am still struggling a bit.  I feel like I still see the same fat, ugly, monster when I look in the mirror.  It's like my brain still sees me the same as before, even though I know I AM changing and AM different.  Hopefully my brain will adjust soon!  =P


  1. You look wonderful April!!! Great progress and very inspiring :)

  2. Well done!! You look great!