Friday, March 8, 2013

Fantastic Friday!!

Well folks, I've DONE it!  I've reached 40 pounds LOST FOREVER!!  I'm so excited!!  Plus, that means I will actually list my numbers...out loud...publicly...for all the world to know!  Eeek!!  I still get butterflies thinking about that...

It is so invigorating to announce that I have lost 40 pounds.  But, I must say... that while I have obviously been trying to lose weight...I have not tried to lose it this quickly!  I'm NOT complaining at all, but I honestly didn't expect to lose this much this quickly.  I started Oct 19, so that's about 4 & 1/2 months on THM following just S and E, and even going on an ALL out cheat for 2-3 days on Thanksgiving and 4 days at Christmas, and even a cheat meal here and there since Christmas.  I say this because we are ALL different, and I don't want someone who reads my blog to get their hopes up and expect to lose so much so fast.  God made us each differently, so we all gain it and lose it differently.  Don't give up!  THM WORKS! 

With that said, I do feel like my weight loss is slowing down.  I stayed the same last week and this week (I just never had time to post last week), and I'm definitely OK with that!  I'm hoping to lose at least 4-5 pounds a month now.  But I'll be happy even if it's just 1 pound!  I still have about 50-60 pounds left to lose.  Almost half way there!!!!!  =)

So stay tuned!  My numbers and pictures will be up soon!!  Have a blessed weekend! 

Much Love

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  1. Awesome Job April! I'll be looking forward to your next post :)