Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fuel Cycle Days 3 & 4

Day 3
Well, day 3 of deep S was a bit of a fail for me.  Partly due to my lack of being prepared and partly because my life is so busy some days!  And this just happened to be one of those crazy busy days. 

I woke up and had a Fat Strippen Frappa with an added egg yolk, 1T coconut oil, & 1/2t mint extract (if you haven't tried that smoothie with mint DON'T know what you are missing!!).  It was tasty and very filling. 

I wasn't even hungry come lunch time.  So I did my workout.  After my workout, I needed to clean up and get ready to go.  We had an appt., and I desperately needed to grocery shop.  And an FYI for those of you that don't know me personally, I live way out in the middle of no where!!  I have to drive at least an hour to an hour and a half (just depending which town I go to) to get to our doctors, grocery shop, etc. 

By the time I got myself and the three babies ready it was time to go.  And it's quite the ordeal to get them all loaded in the truck sometimes!!  =)  I was racing to leave on time and make sure we made my son's appt.  So I never got a lunch.  I meant to at least bring my skinny chocolate to munch on for the drive, but in my rush it was forgotten.  We did stop for fuel and I grabbed a bag of beef jerky to eat.  Not the best for a deep S day, but about all I could get at a convience store and I didn't want to grab nuts.  I also got a Vitamin Water Zero. 

After our appt. we went and got some groceries.  I was STARVING by that point.  All I wanted was to get a big FAT bagel with lots of cream cheese on it!!  Mmmmm....

We left the store (with NO bagels) and got some dinner.  We needed quick, so we went to our go to fast food joint...Chick Fil A.  I ate the nuggets. 

So my last deep S day was a pretty glorious FAIL!! 

Day 4
Today was the first FP day.  I was a bit concerned about how it might go today.  But, it went well.  I've stayed on track and haven't been too hungry.

My breakfast was a Sunshine smoothie.  I saw someone post that on the forum yesterday and thought it sounded good, so I gave it a try.  I wasn't disappionted at all. 

I ate a couple of chocolate mint meringues for a snack.  And for lunch I had a nice big bowl of Fotato Soup!  That soup makes me happy!  I really like it. 

I had a couple more meringues this afternoon.

For dinner I made the Succulent Citrus Fish with tilapia, and creamless broccoli.  Before, I go any further I have to tell you I don't like sea food!  Never have!  But, I keep trying to eat/like it since starting this plan.  I can usually only manage a few bites, before the fishy taste/smell gets to me.  Tonight was no different.  I just couldn't eat it.  Blech!!  My hubby and the kids really liked it though.  So I just ate a bunch of yummy ceamy broccoli.  I've also had a few more meringues.  I'm getting a bit hungry again as I sit here and type this, so I'm thinking I might have some strawberry greek yogurt when I'm done. 

Thankfully, I didn't fail again today!! 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow!  Fantastic Friday!  I will weigh in in the morning.  I stopped weighing everyday a couple weeks ago and decided to only do it on Fridays.  So I'm curious to see what the scale will say tomorrow.  =)

Also, thought I'd make note that I re-measured last Friday, and I've lost 19.25 inches TOTAL so far!!!  That's a LOT of inches to lose!!  I'm so excited!

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  1. So awesome to see all the inches you've lost. I admire your willingness to do the Fuel Pull week. I am not that brave yet. Hope its a fabulous Fuel Pull Friday for you!