Sunday, December 16, 2012

Busy Weekend!

Good afternoon!!!  Those 2 lbs are still gone, so that puts my weight loss at 24lbs. now.  =)  I CANNOT believe I have lost almost 25 lbs!!!!  I'm still in shock over it!! 

I so wanted to get on a post something yesterday, but we were gone from morning until late last night, and then I had a sick baby. 

I wanted to update about the party that we went to on Friday night.  We were served tray of Chick-Fil-A nuggets, fruit, cookies, & cupcakes.  :/  I was super duper hungry by the time we got there and there was no way I could go without eating.  So...I ate the chicken.  Just the chicken, and lots of the chicken!!  I have eaten Chick-fil-A nuggets a couple of times since starting THM, and I know they're fried and breaded, but thankfully it hasn't really affected me on the times I've had it.  But, I also keep it to just the chicken. I won't go near the fries or sodas.  So...not the best, but not the worst either (at least to me).  I also wanted to add that for just a moment, upon seeing the cookies & cupcakes, I felt a bit sad that I couldn't have any.  And even (very quickly) thought about having just one!  I quickly pushed the thoughts from my head and I left the table.  Once I was no longer hungry I didn't give those things a second thought. 

Yesterday, we were gone ALL day, like I said earlier, so we ate out twice.  I had scrambled eggs with cheese and two pieces of turkey bacon for breakfast before we left.  We went out to Chick-Fil-A...and again I just ate the nuggets.  After that we went to a Christmas event for my dh's work.  They served all sorts of goodies there...pretzels, popcorn, cookies, fruit snacks, etc.  I didn't touch a thing.  It was actually pretty easy for me to avoid those things this time.  Then for dinner we met up with another family at Mr. Gatti's.  If you aren't familiar with that place it is a pizza buffet with a huge game room.  I love pizza!  But, the first thing I did was get a nice plate of salad and eat it.  Then I got 4 slices of pepperoni and cheese pizza.  I scraped everything off the tops of them and only ate that part.  It was yummy enough for me and I was full and satisfied without eating all the breading.  So, despite being gone all day yesterday, I feel like I did a pretty decent job of staying on track with THM!  You might think differently, but that's ok!!  =)

Now on to today!
Breakfast- Muffin in a mug with strawberry cream cheese frosting. S meal
Lunch- Loaded Fotato Soup.  Fuel Pull style.  I love, Love, LOVE this stuff!
Snack- Fat Strippen Frappa- Fuel Pull
Dinner- Chicken Alfredo over Dreamfields Pasta.  I want to try  the Konjac noodles, but I haven't bought any yet.  Hopefully soon, though.  S meal
Dessert- I'm making a key lime pie from here.  I'm wondering if I can make it without the crust to save on calories though.  Hmmm...
Her site is amazing too.  Search around for a while if you have time.  I got her site from THM's book. 

Workout- I think I will do 3 of my 10 min videos today.  I have a bunch of Gold's Gym videos that use a kettle bell, that I bought last year on clearance for $3 a piece.  And each DVD has 3 different workouts on it.  I never even touched them until after I read THM! 

Have a blessed day!  I'll check in again soon!


  1. I am also a trim healthy mamma!!! Love two sizes in my pants so far, my shirts are really lose. I have a huge way to go but its exciting to see. Thanks for being real and starting a blog. It will be encouraging to keep reading and being trim healthy together!!!!!!

  2. Love the blog and glad I am not alone in the scale going up a little, and that it went back down for you. I have been doing this about a week and lost 8 1/2 pounds but the scale was up 2 lbs this morning. Made me nervous. I am also a bit obsessive about weighing. Keep posting!

  3. Sarah Beth- That is so AWESOME!!! Two pant sizes!! Congrats, girl!! You're amazing!

    Elisabeth-Great job on your 8.5 lbs. I think you will see those 2lbs come back off pretty quickly!! You're doing it!!