Monday, December 31, 2012

Good-bye 2012!

Well, I cannot believe that it is the last day of 2012.  Whew!!  I feel like I only blinked and now it's gone.  I'm happy to report that on the last day of the year I dropped one of those ugly four pounds I gained over Christmas.  =)  That means I'm leaving 2012... 25lbs lighter!!!  YAY!!!

In my last post I mentioned that I was going to try one of my new Bob Harper workout DVD's...and I did, but OH.MY.WORD!!  It was a 50 min workout, and I was a little scared when I started; thinking it was going to be really intense, but I got into it and it wasn't really too bad.  I needed to take a couple little rests, but not so intense I wanted to die (like I do in my Insanity workouts).  When I finished it, I was proud and thought "Hey, that wasn't so bad!  I'll def be doing that one again!"  Well, I woke up yesterday, and boy oh boy, was I SORE (mostly just my inner thighs)!  By last night I dreaded the thought of sitting.  I moaned and groaned anytime I needed to.  My sweet dh got a good laugh out of me, and my teenager asked me if my feet hurt, because I was walking funny (like I had peed my pants kind of walk).  All I could do was laugh when he asked!!  Today I am still sore, but sitting is a bit easier and I'm walking normally again!  The DVD is Bob Harper Inside Out Method Kettlebell Sculpted Body.  I do recommend it despite my pain!!  No pain, no gain, right?!?!

As sore as I was yesterday, I still made myself workout.  I just didn't do the lower body though.  I worked on core.  I did Suzanne Bowen's 10 Minute Solution Blast Off Belly Fat.  It has five 10 minute workouts on it.  1. Flat Belly Fast 2. Pilates Perfect Abs 3. Belly Fat Blaster 4. Ab Ripper 5. Six Pack Abs.  I did #'s 1,2, & 3.  Another good one I recommend!  The Pilates one was killer!!  Can't wait to try the other two on there.  Being that I am still a bit sore, I have decided to not workout today.  But I will be back at it for the New Year tomorrow!

I thought I would share a yummy recipe with you.  Maybe you'll want to make it tonight as an appetizer at your New Year's get together!  I can't take full credit for this recipe as I originally saw it on Pinterest.  It called for brown sugar and I loved it!  But after starting THM I have tweaked it to fit my new lifestyle.  It is a higher fat recipe so don't go crazy, but it makes a yummy-licious appetizer that's safe on the blood sugar!!

Bacon wrapped 'lil smokies
"Lil Smokies
Erythritol and Xylitol (or Truvia)
Nunaturals Stevia Pure White Extract Powder

Wrap as many little smokies as you need in bacon (I typically cut my bacon slices into 4 pieces).  Place in a 9x13 dish or a cookie sheet with sides if making a lot.  If you fill your 9x13 dish with them, you'll want about a 1/2 cup butter (1 stick).  Place the butter in a bowl or saucepan and add about 1/4 cup erythritol and 2 Tbsp of Xylitol (or sub Truvia) and a couple sprinkles of Nunaturals, and melt together. I like mine really sweet.  So I may do more than that, and I mainly just eyeball it.  Do it to your liking. 

Then pour the butter mixture over the bacon wrapped smokies.  Bake in the oven @ 450 for about 30 min.  May be more or less depending on your likings.  I like my bacon crispier and not mushy so sometimes I even leave it longer than 30 min. 

Pull out and cool a bit.  Eat and enjoy!!

See y'all next year!!!


  1. I can so relate to your feelings of intense soreness! When Serene sent out the message for everyone to do the SPEW session from the book on Wednesday, I went for it and am still sore today. And the worse part is, I only did it once and didn't repeat lol! So I have a long way to go. I'm glad others are being real about their work outs too :)

  2. Good for you McKinsey!!! =) It can be hard to get yourself up and moving!! And hey, once is better than not at all, right?!?! Good job!!